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Cobra Fantastic - Funkabopulation

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Words and music by Big Daddy Fantastic (aka “David Garlitz”)

Cobra Fantastic is : 
Big Daddy Fantastic - guitar & vocals
AliSunshine Fantastic (“Alison Young”) - vocals
Saralicious Fantastic (“Sarah-Lane Roberts") - vocals
The Fantastic Merrywoodweatherson (“Josiah Woodson") - trumpet
Prezident Fantastic (“David Prez”) - tenor sax
Thumpasaurus Fantastic (“Simon Tailleu”) - bass
Karlitos el Fantástico (“Karl Jannuska”) - drums

Recorded and mixed by Nicolas David at Studio Quadrature. 
Mastered at Studio Sequenza by Thomas Vingtrinier. 

Filmed by Anthony Caillet.
Edited by Big Daddy Fantastic. 

Featuring animation by Micah Buzan : “Psychedelic Acid Pencils”, “Dream Machine”, & “Color Pencil - Turtle Shark”

Lyrics :
“Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a bit about what we have in store for you this evening: we have taken care to prepare a special show, and we’re sure that once you’ve heard - like it or not - you’ll never be the same again! You may have noticed some people in the audience have already begun to feel the effects… They’re snappin’ their toes, tappin’ their fingers…their eyes are all glazed over…a little bit of drool runnin’ down their chin… Doesn’t it look like fun?? Well I’ve got some news for you, baby : YOU’RE NEXT !”

First you feel it in the air
Slinkin’ in from everywhere
It’s a psychic fluxillation
Make you wanna shake it like you just don’t care

Then you feel it in your knees
It’s a strobing modulation
Your brain begins to freeze
That’s the funkabopulation

We’re gonna funkabopulate you
We’ll hit you with a proton laser
We’ll go against your better nature
You’re gonna leave your former self behind
We’re gonna funkabopulate your mind

Just wait, just wait, just wait
Just wait ’til it hits your hips
Then you feel it in your fingertips
It starts to climb
Up through your spine
Can’t help but let your backbone slip

Your body is totally consumed
Your sense of space and time has been degraded
You’re floppin’ and you’re bouncin’ ‘round the room
Look baby
Here it comes
You’ve been funkabopulated


We’re gonna funkabopulate you
With a proton laser
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
Against your better nature
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
Hey, do you wanna?
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
Are you flora or fauna?
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
With a zircon-encrusted tweezer
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
Cause we aim to please
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
Stick with Big Daddy, baby
We’re gonna funkabopulate you
Here we go!
You’re gonna leave your former self behind
We’re gonna funkabopulate your mind

© 2019 Planet 9 Productions, Giant Monster Robot Records, Cobra Fantastic, and David Garlitz
All Rights Reserved
by order of the High Command of Planet 9

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