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Our fav wordsmith Mariah Parker brings y'all a PSA the AS way. Listen up!

Apartment Sessions: Iceland -

picture this it’s may two thousand seventeen
get a Facebook message from Evan, a pal I haven’t seen
since back when he lived in Athens he asked if I would happen
to wanna come rap in a music video while I’m up in Manhattan?
not realizing the force of good of these sorcerers would be so totally transformative
I said of course I would and then of course I did and I still I do
because the brilliance dude
that Luke and Liz and Drew could fill a little living room
with everyday people, some of us walking far from home,
some taking aeroplanes over the sea to be part of the zone
but all of us as one in our sincerity, undone by being there to see
the most unusual and unbearably beautiful pursuits of music proven doable
and now the newest goal: a forty-person orchestra roving
the nordic fjords for ten days of recording stuff
it takes a lot coin to feed that many people oranges
so here comes the important part:
in their honest essence, apartment sessions impart the lesson
that a brand new day can be made in the face of armageddon
its a lesson we desperately need
so if you’re fortunate to support the kids then click the link.

Also, check out her feature on today's Season 2 Finale:

Much love!

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