Harry Belafonte on Art and Activism | The Sankofa Organization | Red Bull Music Academy

In this public conversation at the historic Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, presented by Red Bull Music and Jill Newman Productions, Harry Belafonte spoke with writer and curator Kimberly Drew about balancing art and activism, legacy and the power of folk art. #RBMA TOPICS: 0:22 - The Sankofa Organization 24:07 - Donald Trump 31:39 - Working with Charles White 39:13 - Art and activism 52:30 - The teachings of Marxism 1:03:53 - How to make better user of social media today Three-time Grammy Award-winning musician, actor and activist Harry Belafonte is one of the most successful Jamaican-American artists of all time, renowned for bringing the Caribbean sound to the international mainstream. Just as he is an advocate of world music, Belafonte is acclaimed for his lifelong commitment to political and humanitarian activism. A close friend and adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Belafonte was at the forefront of the civil rights movement and continued to campaign for racial equality and global peace long after Dr. King's death. The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. We celebrate music, its culture, and the transformative minds behind it. Begun in 1998, the Academy has taken the core principles that underlie its annual workshop for selected participants and applied this curatorial approach to events, lectures, and city-wide festivals throughout the year. ► Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/10OyDHc ► Visit Red Bull TV: http://win.gs/1uy4YFF ► Visit our official website: http://win.gs/avjLrK ► Our latest videos on YouTube: http://bit.ly/12nkX7h ► Like us on Facebook:

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