La passion du geste | Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert | TEDxMinesNancy


Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert défend ardûment depuis plusieurs années maintenant sa passion : l'artisanat. Souffleur de verre il souhaite participer au renouvellement et à la nouvelle ère de l'artisanat en France mais aussi à travers le monde.

The creative process has been a major common denominator throughout his journey, along with a strong relationship to craft and arts. Until he discovered hot liquid glass at the age of 19, painting was Wintrebert’s main outlet. He also explored metals and clay. Again, just as painting, the process was interesting but there was something missing.
The first time Wintrebert saw hot glass moving at the end of a blow pipe, it was glowing, dancing, dangerous, delicate, mysterious, fast, hypnotizing and very sensual. It grabbed him deep inside and has not let him go since. To learn the skills and mastery of free hand glass blowing, Wintrebert traveled all over, working in different studios and production shops. California, Florida, Washington, Murano Italy, Czeck Republic and since 2007 he has been living and working in France. In 2015, Jeremy opened his own glass studio, in Paris.

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