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Blick : “I would like to talk about the feeling of fear that prevailed and still prevails around our colonial history, that contributed to the development of the tribal clichés, and that, today, alters our country. That is also because of that fear that nobody dares to stand up to demonstrate or to fight for our freedom.
My family grew up in fear. Men, women and children live in fear, and to exist, this beautiful community is getting drunk with alcohol, with fear, uprooted, under the astounded eyes of the ancestors.”

In 1958, two years before Cameroon independence, Ruben Um Nyobè, the leader of the Popular Union of Cameroon, fell under the French army bullets. Repression against the independentist movement had lasted for fifteen years and had caused thousand of deaths. But until now, France and the Cameroonese state had a total black out with this story. With the album «1958», Blick Bassy aims at putting light on this period of history and paying tribute to those warriors of Cameroon independence.

Director : Justice Mukheli @justicemukheli
Producer : Marc G Harrison @marcgharrison
Production House : bomb Commercials @bombcommercials
DP: Motheo Modaguru @MotheoModaguru_dop
Production Designer : Dylan Lloyd @mr_mananga
Stylist : Sheli Masondo @cooshel29
Offline : Saki Berg , Left post production @sakiberg @leftpostproduction
Colourist : Craig Simonetti @craig_simonetti
Online : Bladeworks @bladeworks_za
Audio: Madhaus @madhaus_media

Grand daughter : Zandile Mdaba
Grand mother : Nomvula Kubeka
Young boy : Sibusiso Mabuza
Models : Lunathi Mampufu, Koketso Taylor Mokhuone, Nqobile Nxumalo

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28.02 ZURICH (CH) Moods
11.03 LONDON (UK) St Pancras Old Church
12.03 BREMEN (DE) Die Glocke
13.03 VIENNA (AT) Wiener Konzerthaus
14.03 DARMSTADT (DE) Centralstation Darmstadt
15.03 POSTDAM (Berlin, DE) Nikolaisaal
05.04 CULLY (CH) Cully Jazz
11.04 BORDEAUX (FR) Rocher de Palmer
15.04 PARIS (FR) - La Cigale
20.04 PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES (FR) Théâtre Jacques Coeur
27.04 DAX (FR) l’Atrium
17.05 DORTMUND (DE) Klangvokal Musikfestival
01.06 ANGOULEME (FR) Musiques Métisses
11.06 LISBONNE (PT) Teatro Da Trindade
28.07 AULNOYE-AYMERIES (FR) Festival Les Nuits Secrètes
03.08 FLOREFFE (BE) Esperanzah Festival

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©2019 Nø Førmat! / tôt Ou tard

Lok yèm bi néñél ikeré woñi
Bot bèm ba lélél mounou woni
Sogol Wem à neñel i keré woñi
Lok yèm bi néñel ikere woñi

My homeland grew up in fear,
My family sleeps in fear,
My grand father grew up in fear

Nguén yéss di yi bé yooo
Basso di nigil ni bé yo oo
Lok yess bi wél ni ikere woñi
Bonguè ba bi wel ni mounou woñi

We do not know our tales,
We do not learn them
My family grew up in fear, children too.

Lok yes I nhooo
I nyoo nyoo ni nyooo
Lok yess I Nhoo
I nhoo ni mahok

My family gets drunk,
She drinks without stopping
My family gets drunk
With alcohol

Verse 2

Loñ yess bi nénél ikéré woñi
Ma pirè di tcho mo kiki biton bi moo
Ñèm we wok I bi pernè ni mounou i woñi
NYOBE a bi wel/ ni bess ngui woñi

My country grew up in fear, our hope is trampled..
My heart also stopped because of that fear,
But Nyobe wasn’t scared, him, and he is still with us

À ta ngo èmblè Loñ
Benguè ni yo kiki I woo
Moumié à bi wèl ni Bess ngui woni
Ndi Béss bana di kirnè ni ikédé woni

Oh creator, come and listen to your country. Look at how it is dying, but Moumié died for us without being scared, while we stay, locked in fear

Lok yes I nhooo
I nyoo nyoo ni nyooo
Lok yess I Nhoo
I nhoo ni mahok

My family is getting drunk, She drinks without stopping
My family is getting drunk, with alcohol

Lok yes in wooo
I nho ni woni
Lon yess I nwoo
i nyock ndik mahog

Our country is dying, he is drunk with fear, Our country is dying, he keeps drinking alcohol.

#BlickBassy #RubenUmNyobè

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