Xuly.Bët’s | Spring-2017-Ready-To-Wear

Xuly.Bët’s | Spring-2017-Ready-To-Wear


The fashion house Xuly.Bët, founded by Lamine Kouyaté just finished their second consecutive showing at New York Fashion Week to rave reviews! With their spring-2017-ready-to-wear fashion show Xuly.Bet took the prestigious fashion capital by storm. The collection was dedicated to Kouyaté’s native country (Mali) and to his mother, one of Mali’s first female doctors and a staunch advocate for womens rights. The iconic film director, Spike Lee showed up front-row donning a tee –shirt to show support for Colin-Kaepernick.

. “Today young black women have a determining influence in fashion, i.e., Rihanna, Beyoncé, [which] opens great opportunities for the image of designers’ brands.”

- Lamine Kouyaté-

Xuly.Bët’s spring-2017-ready-to-wear collection, as reported by Vogue, Kouyaté used traditional wax-printed fabrics and some of his own designs featuring different playful motifs: fans, money, lipsticks, cars, candles, and religious icons. The designer continued to explore his interest in sportswear—which got in-depth treatment in his Fall collection—by using these materials in unexpected ways, for baseball and stadium-style jackets, for example, some of which were paired with mesh basketball-style shorts. The highlight of the show was an upcycled denim jacket with its collar removed, seams topstitched, and back sequined.

The Fashion brand Xuly.Bët was founded by Lamine Kouyaté a Parisian designer of Malian origin. The Xuly.Bët brand is famous worldwide for its ultra feminine fashion, combining modernity and freedom of movement, strength with the sensuality of printed lines. The prolific designer Lamine Badian Kouyaté was awarded the Ministry of Culture and the Union Chamber of Parisian Couture. The Xuly Bët Funkin' Fashion Factory, or Xuly Bët, collection has been awarded with the Creator of the Year award by the New York Times in 1994 and received the ANDAM award in 1996. The collection was also a part of the Africa 2005 exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Xuly.Bët also inspired Robert Altman for the character of Forest Whitaker in his film "Ready to Wear" which features one their shows.

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  • Reference: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2017-ready-to-wear/xulybet